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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Salsabila's Hermit Crabs

Some days are busy with taking care Salsabila hermit crabs, hermit crabs are purchased at the Market Square and Belande MTQ. Shell-shell colorful painted by the seller. Also added to the picture Shaun the Sheep, Owl, and Naruto. Wake up, she give the hermit  cucumber slices and immediately put in spray bottles with water from the perfume. Somewhat removed from its place and the day the pool fish.at night  she placed the hermit near the bed so that it always looks. Hermit crab likes to make it tonight so noisy.The sounds of their legs trying to get out of a plastic box with a lid that is very disturbing. Two days ago after searching for data from the internet about the hermit crab, the plastic box filled with sand used to make the sink  plate. He said hermit crab prefer if given a thick layer of sand to hide if the place was changing skin.
It was true hermit crab in pink and named "Umang Shaun The Sheep crab Girl" came out of his shell. But finally buried yesterday Salsabila pink hermit crab because dead, belly and legs broken. Hermit crab is very lively picture of Naruto, because it's really like When she putit in the palm of her hand. Almost every day the palm of the hand When clamped by Naruto, but not cured-cured as well. There was once  Salsabila forget to enter the box when going to bed and let on the kitchen floor. As a result  morning all is lost, hiding. He does not go ballistic because it is a result of her own fault.  Now the hermit lived 4. Almost neglected. But that does not appear immediately wrote searched everywhere. Ironically, we saw again yesterday on the internet about hermit crabs, it was not allowed to paint the shell of hermit crab, because it could hurt him. Sorry .... hermit crab!

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